Testabol Depot is a type of injectable steroid

Testabol Depot is a type of injectable steroid. Product manufactured by British Dragon . It is one of the most popular and commonly used anabolic steroids around the world. Systematic use of the product leads to an increase in muscle mass and strength indicators.    

The main active ingredient of the drug is testosterone cypionate , which is considered the longest testosterone ester. Once in the bloodstream, the substance remains active for e two weeks. Given the long-term activity of the active substance, the product can lead to the accumulation of fluid in the body, therefore, its use is recommended to be combined with other types of anabolic steroids https://theroids.ws/testabol-depot-british-dragon/.  

Many athletes prefer the product, and this is due not so much to the price of British Dragon Cypionate , but to its good anabolic effect, and the existing drawback in the form of fluid retention can be easily eliminated by combining it with other drugs ( antiestrogens ). Testabol Depot should be bought by athletes who are fond of weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding.

Impact of Testabol Depot on the human body

The drug exerts its effect on the body through anabolic receptors, there is an increase in their ability to accumulate nitrogen, which in turn is the basis for increasing muscle mass. Taking the drug allows you to establish a positive nitrogen balance, which favorably affects the growth of muscle fibers, while slowing down the process of their decay.

After the drug is injected into muscle fibers, testosterone cypionate is stored in the fat depot and gradually enters the bloodstream. Considering the fact that testosterone is easily converted into estrogen, about 30% of the total mass will fall on water, which will be promptly removed from the body at the end of the course.

Correct intake of the product can have the following effects:

  • there is an intensive set of muscle mass;
  • power indicators increase;
  • the formation of erythrocytes increases, thereby intensive oxygenation of muscle fibers occurs;
  • improves phosphorus metabolism and strengthens bone tissue;
  • the load on the joints decreases;
  • increased appetite;
  • endurance indicators increase;
  • a positive nitrogen balance is formed;
  • increased libido and sexual desire.

Due to the long-term effect, the athlete can carry out more intense and prolonged training, the body can withstand heavy loads and recovers more quickly after exercise.

How to take Cypionate British Dragon

To obtain the most pronounced effect, the course of Testabol Depot should be at least 2-2.5 months. Injections must be taken once a week, while a single dose is located in the range of 200-500 milligrams, which is quite enough to gain the required muscle mass. The individual dosage is calculated based on the personal characteristics of the athlete and his experience. According to research and user reviews, increasing the dose by at least 1 gram will not lead to better results, but it may affect more severity of side effects. This type of steroid is not recommended for women.

If the course of taking the drug is increased, at least for a month, then you will additionally need to use gonadotropin. If a decision is made to take Testabol Depot in combination with other steroid agents, then it is best to combine the drug with Nandrolone . In this case, the total dose of drugs should be 400 milligrams per week. The program should also include taking antiestrogens .   

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Side effects

Despite the positive effect of taking the drug, increasing the dose of Testabol Depot may lead to some side effects. This reaction is observed if the dosage exceeds 800 milligrams https://theroids.ws/.

Since testosterone is a male hormone, the side effects are androgenic. Most often it can be observed:

  • increased formation of sebum;
  • increased hair growth on all parts of the body;
  • male pattern baldness;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • acne .

To avoid this kind of manifestation, you should strictly adhere to the instructions for use and not exceed the permissible dose. Our website offers the best price for Testabol Depot in Canada , so you can make a purchase at any time.