How to improve AIM in CS:GO

Nowadays, the word AIM is widely used in modern eSports. AIM is an important component of the shooting. It often determines the success and failure of the game as a whole. Sometimes when a team performs poorly in the championship, the most common explanation is the class of the shooting, or rather this very AIM.

Nevertheless, the experience of the game, good instincts, knowledge of the map and the location of the enemy is only half the battle, because the rest is AIM. And so, we all know how important it is to be able to hit the target on time. And so, here are some practical tips for improving your accuracy and reactions. You can also use the best csgo case to open. This will not improve your AIM, but it will help you get more enjoyment out of the game.

  1. Customize or choose your config. It is important to set your comfortable values and mouse settings.
  2. Pay more time to servers where the game is played on maps with the prefix “aim_” (for example aim_redline). To do this you need to seriously motivate yourself and systematically hone your shooting.
  3. Try to aim at the head, thus you sharpen your reaction and shooting above the neck will be a habitual reflex. Single click is effective for AK47, double click for M4.
  4. Consider your reaction and line up your aim with your reaction delay, i.e., use pre-fire.
  5. Don’t clip when shooting at long range.
  6. Don’t worry about your death stats, focus on your shooting accuracy and your movements.
  7. Be on the move, practice lunge-streaks, but always stop while shooting.
  8. Change sides after each change of the map, this is done in order not to get used to and learn not to affect your aim by such factors as: comfort for one side or the other, the weapon and the location. 
  9. Do not use the same weapon! Do not shoot only AK, and change after every change of map or sides on the M4 or something alternative.
  10. The main thing to get pleasure from this and everything should be fine by itself. To game you do not strain make the sound of lower firing, turn on the music is pleasant to you and the background of the coolest melody enjoy the game.      

Super Scatter

Controlling your spread when shooting is more difficult in CS:GO than in previous versions. However, once you get the hang of it and learn how to control your spray, you’ll greatly increase your near and mid-range kill gains.

  • Download the training_aim_csgo map. You will find a full tutorial on the material page.
  • Try not to clip often, practice single shots.
  • Learn the trajectory and characteristics of automatic weapons fire.
  • Move the brush in the opposite direction of the scatter trajectory. 
  • Practice intensive shooting mode on this map (you can enable it in the menu at the bottom left).
  • Shoot 2-3 sets of 300 targets before important matches.

These tips will help you improve hitting your opponents and help you develop your skills in the game. At this point you can find a lot of great tips online. Use all available information if you want to achieve good results. If you want your game to be brighter and more attractive, see here. Here you will find a lot of optimal solutions.