How to always stay a MAN in bed

Maintaining potency at the proper level at any age is about upholding a man’s dignity and honor, as well as taking care of his health. And that’s why all the tips on how to preserve your manhood are directly related to the healthy life of a real man. If you want your girlfriend to get in the mood for sex faster, or want to give her more vivid emotions, then you can take a closer look at this drug

A good night’s sleep

A man, in order to be healthy both in body and spirit, should sleep at least 8-9 hours every day and preferably in the arms of your beloved.

A balanced diet

Since testosterone is responsible for potency, a caring wife must replenish the diet of your favorite products that stimulate the production of this male hormone. As an example, lean meat and eggs establish the balance of the hormones, while beebread and pollen prevent impotence, infertility, as well as treat prostatitis. In addition to meat and eggs, men’s menu must include fish (mackerel, flounder) and poultry (chicken, goose, turkey), preferably boiled or stewed, and in addition dairy products: milk, sour cream, cheese, cottage cheese and more

It is useful to alternate animal fats and proteins with vegetable fats and proteins: lean oils (sunflower, corn, olive, etc.), beans, seeds, nuts and so on. Scientists believe that the male body badly needs zinc, which regulates the functioning of sex hormones, stimulates sperm production and the prostate. Zinc can be found in beans, citrus fruits, beets, berries, potatoes, tomatoes, cleaned rice and green vegetables. Phosphorus (fish, poultry, meat, dairy products, nuts, dried fruits, seeds) greatly increases potency. Lycopene (vegetable oils), which prevents prostate cancer, is also essential. Dressing a variety of appetizing side dishes should be, first, onions, and secondly, fragrant spices: pepper, cumin, ginger, tarragon, thyme and others, which awaken passion.

Healthy drinks

It is advisable to limit drinks containing alcohol. On special occasions you can drink real red wine. Among the stimulating drinks a man is better to choose grape juice or green tea with honey and lemon – the ideal drink for all visitors to the gym with exercise equipment.

Physical activity

To form a wonderful body and strengthen the muscles, blood vessels, heart and reproductive organs man needs all the time to work out. You can choose any sport with strength exercises, as they will not allow excess weight and, of course, the loss of male strength. However, you should avoid those exercises that cause pressure between the anus and the scrotum. Men who strive for a flawless relief figure should remember: steroids used by bodybuilders help to shrink testicles and lower testosterone production.


With minor symptoms of impotence and by age, it is worth thinking about your health, including manhood, with the help of complexes, which are 100% safe and consist of natural components. You can buy them in a pharmacy, or you can make such a complex yourself. The main thing is to approach it wisely. You can also try a temporary stimulant, which is available at