Drugs to increase potency: forms

Medicines that increase potency are effective in 95% of cases, if treatment is started in time and adequate therapy is prescribed. Means for potency are selected depending on the cause of impotence:

  • vascular;
  • neurogenic;
  • hormonal;
  • drug-induced;
  • psychogenic.

If the cause of erectile dysfunction are anatomical anomalies, surgical treatment is indicated. You can find the best drugs here https://espanalibido.com/comprar-cialis-generico-online/.


Oral drugs for potency – phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors – is an enzyme that reduces the level of the intracellular substance cyclic guanosine monophosphate in the spongy tissue of the penis. As a result of the effect, there is a build-up and relaxation of the smooth muscles. The erection increases and its duration increases. 

These drugs to restore erectile function work only if the patient is sexually aroused. To raise the potency, the dose of the drug is selected individually. The initial therapeutic dosage should be calculated taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient’s body and contraindications. Therefore, pills taken independently can cause negative consequences. If the dosage is exceeded, there may be signs of overdose. Drugs to increase potency may be incompatible with other medicines and with alcohol.

Proven effectiveness of remedies to improve potency. Medication taken according to the scheme developed by a doctor helps to increase erectile function by 74%. The speed of the onset of erection and the duration of the effect of increasing potency depends on the type of drug.


Pills for potency are not the only form of medication. Some varieties of erectile dysfunction cannot be treated with oral medication. Intracavernosal injections are used in such cases. To increase potency drugs are injected into the spongy tissue of the penis. In particular, you can find a powder for preparing a solution, a synthetic analog of prostaglandin E1. The product affects the tone of the smooth muscles of the blood vessels of the penis. Under the action of the drug, there is a relaxation of the muscles, an increase in the lumen of the vessels and an increase in the blood filling of the cavernous bodies

The effect is noted as early as 10-15 minutes after the injection of the solution. Injections are more effective than oral drugs for increasing potency, since they do not require sexual arousal, and the speed of absorption does not depend on food intake.

Dietary supplements to enhance erection

Erectile enhancement supplements and herbal remedies are a modern trend in therapy. They are increasingly used as an alternative to, or a supplement to, treatment and prevention of sexual dysfunction with drugs of chemical origin.

A drug to enhance an erection on a natural basis – plant or animal, has undeniable advantages.

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