Diamond as a symbol of endless love

The ring as a symbol of love and infinite loyalty has been known since Ancient Egypt. A ring has no end just as true love has no finale. The tradition to put diamonds in engagement and wedding rings appeared due to the practically eternal life of this stone.

Like the ring shape, it symbolizes the durability and indestructibility of the giver’s feelings towards the beloved woman. The color of the stone is also very important. Its transparency and crystal clarity indicates the purity of his intentions. When a man gives a diamond, he is a guarantor of honesty and indestructible protection for his lady throughout her life.

The size of the diamond is of little importance. Of course, the bigger it is, the more expensive the gift. Therefore, to express the most sincere emotions, it is better to choose the biggest diamond. However, a small stone of crystal clarity will also be quite appropriate. Another option is to give a ring with several small diamonds.

Diamond rings and horoscope

Diamond is ideal for the fiery zodiac signs: aries, lion and sagittarius. These people tend to be impulsive, prone to nervous and depressed behavior. The sun’s energy of the diamond energizes them and brings back their joyful, harmonious mood. The unbreakable structure of the stone symbolizes stability and brings it into the life of its wearer. According to ancient Egyptian astrologers, the diamond is the first stone of the zodiac. The first in a series of signs is also the sign of Aries. For this reason, diamonds are recommended by astrologers to people born under this sign. This is due to the fact that they often and actively expend mental and physical energy, and need a periodic recharging. A diamond successfully performs this function: it gets rid of moping and brings bright colors into the world. Regardless of the date of birth, a diamond protects people from illnesses, physical and mental, and attracts good luck.

Engagement Rings

A classic engagement ring is a smooth gold ring with a stone larger in diameter than its width. Engagement rings, like wedding bands, are made of almost every kind of metal, including steel, titanium and silver. Diamonds are most often paired with white, yellow and rose gold. The cut and strength of stones in engagement rings is varied. The choice depends on the tastes of the giver and the bride, as well as the design of the future engagement ring. Some people prefer to give an engagement ring with a path of stones, with several diamonds and diamonds complemented by other stones. You can buy very beautiful rings at https://luxurydiamonds.ca/jewelry/.