Contraindications to lip tattooing with shading

During the procedure, damage to the skin occurs, which leads to the risk of spreading infection and exacerbation of existing diseases.

A lip tattoo session with shading not recommended if you have:

  • dermatological rashes around the lips;
  • infectious diseases;
  • herpes in the acute stage;
  • moles or other formations near the lips;
  • malignant tumours;
  • hepatitis A;
  • AIDS;
  • hemophilia;
  • epilepsy;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • mental disorders.

It is worth postponing the procedure if you:

  1. are pregnant or breastfeeding;
  2. have not reached the age of 18.

Before signing up for a tattoo session, analyze the state of your immunity. It can be disturbed by previous diseases, which significantly reduces the rate of skin recovery after a permanent In addition, you should postpone a visit to the master during menstruation.

Pros and cons of shading tattoo

Preparation for lip tattooing with shading

Experts recommend that girls who signed up for permanent lip makeup take preventive measures against herpes. In the body of most people, this virus is present in a dormant state. A kind of impetus to its activation can decrease immunity or damage to the skin.

That is why many of the fair sex are faced with rashes on the lips after a tattoo session. It is not only the attractiveness of a fresh permanent that is jeopardized, but also its durability. Unfortunately, the pigment fades almost entirely at the spots where pimples appear.

Masters recommend approximately two weeks before the procedure to carry out a thorough scrubbing of the lips, which will remove dead skin particles. Thanks to this, the colour is more evenly distributed over the surface of the lips. Please make it a rule to regularly (morning and evening) use hygienic lipstick or emollient cream. When it comes to the cold season, be sure to apply a special weathering agent or petroleum jelly to your lips before going outside

2-3 days before going to the master, you should refrain from drinking drinks containing alcohol and caffeine, as they lower the pain threshold and thin the blood. The day before the session, stop using decorative cosmetics and go to the procedure without makeup.

Colour matching for lip tattooing

To achieve a natural effect when performing lip tattooing with shading, 2-3 shades of the same colour used. In other words, having decided on the primary pigment, the master mixes it with a lighter and darker tone. The following shades usually offered for the client’s choice: blush, rose red, mysterious red, Japanese red, red, dark red, wine red, strawberry, sunset orange, pink lilac, burgundy, cranberry, fiery red, raspberry, pink.

The selected shade must match the tone of the client’s skin and hair. Experienced masters advise to refrain from colourful experiments and give preference to a style close to the lips’ natural colour. At first, bold shades may seem stylish, but, most likely, you will gradually get bored with them, and after all, permanent makeup stays on the skin for more than one year. By the way, do not expect to cover it with a lighter shade of lipstick – any specialist will confirm: this is not real.

Consider the basic rules for choosing a colour for lip tattooing with shading:

Light-skinned blondes will have permanent makeup in pink and peach tones (for example, natural nude lip tattoo with shading). If you have light hair and dark skin, opt for pale pink and light brown pigments.

Red-haired beauties should pay attention to the rich but dim shades of the following colours: coral, terracotta, brown, dark pink, plum, brick.

Brunettes and brown-haired women will look great with tattoos in pink and coral tones. Girls with dark hair and dark skin can look at any colour. The main thing is that they are saturated and not pale.

If you have black hair, deep, intense shades of red, scarlet or plum are great choices. You can experiment with the range yourself, using, for example, lipstick samples at a major cosmetics store. Of course, you can try various pigments during the session itself, but in this case, your visit to the master will take much longer.